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WIFI and WIMAX Networks
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For the past 25 years, we have been focusing our activity in Algarve region and surrounding districts, designing solutions, supplying equipments and providing technical assistance on a wide range of electronic goods and services for industrial,
retail, business as well as residential areas

Nevertheless our geographical areas of influence are not a limitation for us, as often we provide services and solutions throughout the country and abroad

On a commercial stand point we provide expertise and equipments from renowned industry leaders and because solutions
design are much more than a mere list of products joined together, we always find ways for different levels of integration,
so different types of equipments can communicate with each other in a seamless way in order to achieve the best outcome
to users

And because machines are more and more eager of bandwidth, we put a serious bet on WIFI and WIMAX wireless technologies
that provides reliable, robust and expandable broadband ip platforms, because nowadays everything goes mobile and no one
wants to be  restricted by a wall outlet

So, from long distance point to point building interconnections, to hundreds of users interconnected in a single access
point we have solutions to fulfill your demands, no matter they are a large venue in a hotel convention center where
everyone shall be connected to the internet, or to establish a broadband link between two branches of your company in a
single private network

Broadband IP platforms are part of our portfolio of solutions to support communications among different kinds of
equipments used in our security and audiovisuals solutions, that we underline as an overview            

·CCTV surveillance systems: analog and digital high resolution with either local or remote access
·Access control
·Intrusion and perimeter detection
·Fire detection
·Evacuation voice alarm
·Surround sound systems
·Simultaneous translation and congress systems with voting capabilities for auditoriums and meeting rooms

·Display and projection systems
·Digital dictation systems
Security Control Rooms                                                                                                                                           

Our services includes assessments and projects in security environments, equipment design projects, integration of
different equipments and customisation according to customer requirements

In addition, we emphasize equipment’s technical assistance; providing support to projects undertaken as well as adapting
and recovering existing infrastructures and equipments

Our continuous search for quality both in products and services, take us to higher levels of competence and certifications
skills, that ensure to our customers the right behaviour and longevity of our solutions